About M3X

M3X is shorthand for Mulder Multi-Media Analysis.

Two types of activities are to be found under this heading

  1. Advisory and design services in the general area of image analysis and pattern recognition.
  2. Academic activities such as curriculum development, commercial courses and support for fieldwork in the areas of nondestructive testing and remote sensing.

Problem Statement : how to extract information from multiple source data using stored information, expert knowledge and science.

Method : Techniques from Kowledge Engineering are used for finding the (probabilistic) relationship : Information(question,answer).

In GIS (Geo Information Systems) , the link between question and answer can usually be found through the use of database tables and a querry language.

Prolog_like languages add the possibility of adding and applying rules for transforming data into information.

Bayesian Methods of image analysis and pattern recognition provide the probability for Hypotheses given prior information and Evidence derived from multisource data.

Data acquisition (RS & GIS) generates a problem of effectiveness versus cost. Knowledge about the application (question) domains, sensors, atmospheric conditions and methods for Information extraction are handled in an expert system for advice on ordering data and setting up scripts for data processing.

Why fieldwork ? our method of information extraction is both model based and Bayesian.This means that the models have to be callibrated to include local conditions, including local variations in statistical parameters.

M3X has currently a 2000 channel spectrometer and an imaging thermal sensor. Work in progress is going on in integrating the spectrometer with video cameras and INS in several  UAV’s (model airplanes) .

Cooperation: M3X cooperates with:

  1. GeoInfoSolutions, http://www.geoinfosolutions.nl/ , for data acquisition
  2. Uranus , ….    ,for data processing projects

Current activity : preparing lecture notes and exercises for a 2 weeks course on Remote Sensing with RADAR.